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The Earth Is Being Devoured by the Fire of God's Jealousy (Zephaniah 3:8)

The Earth Is Being Devoured by the Fire of God's Jealousy (Zephaniah 3:8) 

The Earth Is Being Devoured

Wherever there is fire eating up huge bits of the earth, and that is just its beginning. As a dangerous atmospheric devation increments and dry spell grabs hold the yields bite the dust, the creatures starve to death, and the temperature takes off. There is no man-made answer for the issue as it is our doing that caused it. Nor did it occur in a couple of decades since it began when men made their own divine beings and changed nature to suit their eagerness.

Each fire raises the temperature somewhat more and the gigantic super-fires, for example, that furious in California, builds it a ton. No nation is saved as trees are supplanted by cash hungry destroyers and the precipitation decreases.

So productive is the land-freeing from woods that incredible wraps of trees are evacuated in a short space of time. The seas also are passing on as the warmth warms their temperature and plastic and different poisons execute off the life inside it.

Man thinks he is sharp to the point that he can adjust the desire of God thus he appeals to his sculptures and phony divinities and the pulverization proceeds. He has given himself authorization to rule over the earth as a divine being and he made his own endless bosses to make it right.

How off-base is man? The genuine God is the Spirit of the Universe and this is the thing that has been covered and shut out by religions conceived of dreams set forth by the people of yore and improved into present day religions. That is man's habit yet what, on the off chance that anything, could have transformed it.

As indicated by the predictions there is nothing man has done that isn't as per the arrangement of God. It is spread out in the predictions for all to peruse. Few, nonetheless, do!

They have been made to seem identified with past occasions in light of the lies in the New Testament. This is the book that set up the picture of Jesus Christ, crafted by Constantine who set up the Catholic Church in 325 AD. He is 666 as indicated by the Revelation 13:12-18.

Tailing him Jerome accumulated and composed the New Testament dependent on old convictions. He at that point detailed the Catholic Church and earned himself the title of 'specialist' of it.

The phony divine beings rule as ground-breaking substances that devotees can't get rid of in light of the fact that they are joined to them as a child is to its mom in the belly. They are sustained and taken care of the milk of trickery by the alleged Mother of God, Mary, whose personality is gotten from the sun. She was so-named in Babylon where the female picture was made so men could pass on crosses to 'wed' Mary.

So the Spirit of the Universe has made a universe of debasement and few can discover out. The intention is portrayed here and it's going on now:

"... my assurance is to assemble the countries... to spill out upon them my irateness, even the entirety of my savage annoyance: for all the earth will be eaten up with the fire of my desire." Zephaniah 3:8

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