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Galaxy S10 Lite and Note 10 Lite hands-on: but why?

 So I'm here at CESand I just got hands on with two brand new Galaxyphones from Samsung. But they're weird. It's the Galaxy S10 Liteand the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. And they're something completelydifferent for Samsung. (upbeat music) So usually for Samsung, theS-Line and the Note Line are the very high end premium phones and they take their lowend phones and call 'em A-something or other. But this is different, it'sa relatively low end phone but with the premium branding. It's also strange becauseSamsung literally just announced the next Unpacked Event. Where it's going to ask theGalaxy S11 or maybe the S20. The rumors are really weird right now and they're also gonnaprobably announce their folding clamshell phone. So that's really excitingand it sort of took the wind out of the announcementfor these Lite phones. But, let's talk 'em anyway. So the specs on these thingsare relatively uninspiring. Which starts with the screen. They're both 6.7 inches but they're only 2400 x 1080p resolution. Which isn't that much.

But that makes them big,cheap Android phones and you might think Samsungalready makes a cheap Android phone under the Galaxy line, S10E. But it's relativelysmall and Samsung needs to make big phones thatdon't cost too much 'cause that's really what people want. So that's one reason thesephone are kinda weird but the other reason is the cameras. And like, what is going on here? They're different in both phones. Let's start with the Galaxy S10 Lite. It has a 5 megapixel macrocamera. That's cool. It's also has a standard ultrawide 12 megapixel camera. We like ultra wide, that's cool. It has a selfie camerathat is 32 megapixels. Okay, but them the mainsensor is a 48 megapixel sensor with super steady OISand that's a first for Samsung, which doesn't make sense. Except when they had supersteady before that just applied to video and nowit applies to also photos. And it might be built into the hardware. So completely new, completelydifferent camera system for Samsung. Why that got introduced onthe S10 Lite is beyond me. And then you get the the Note 10 Lite and it has a completelydifferent set of cameras. It doesn't have a macro lens and it doesn't have the super steady OIS. So like, what is going on? All right, so why arethese Galaxy phones-- Yeah, I know that low endphones are also called Galaxy.

What I meant here was Sand Note, I'm an idiot. I mean Samsung also announcedthe A71, which spec-wise really isn't that differentfrom these phones. Well, one reason I think is the processor, the Galaxy S10 Lite has a Snapdragon 855, which is right now the best you can get. And the Galaxy Note 10-- Yeah, got it wrong here too, sorry. Has a pretty good Exynos Processor in it. Honestly though, I thinkthe reason that these are Galaxy phones is peoplelike the Galaxy brand and it sells better than justthe A and a number after it. So Samsung wanted people to get it. We don't know whenthey're getting released. We don't know wherethey're getting released. We don't even know their price yet. So all this stuff is up in the air, but they seem fine to me after using them for just a few minutes. Look, they might just be parts bin phones, but if the parts are good, who cares? Hey everybody, thank youso much for watching. We're obviously here at CES 2020. We obviously have a ton of stuff going on. So keep it locked to the Verge to see all our new gadgets. 

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