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 - Good Morning and welcome to WWDC. It's here that we bring some of our biggest innovations to life. To start, I wanna addressthe topic of racism, inequality and injustice. And to recognize the pain being felt throughout our nation. Especially in our blackand brown communities after the senselesskilling of George Floyd. Two weeks ago we announced Apple's Racial, Equityand Justice Initiative with the commitment of $100 million. We also announced somethingimportant for this community. The new developer entrepreneurcamp for Black developers.

Right now our world isalso battling a virus that is affecting the daily lives of billions of people. We wanna thank thededicated people everywhere, especially our healthcare workers who have made tremendous sacrifices to take care of those in need. Today, we're gonna topush each of our platforms forward in some excitingand breakthrough ways. So let's get started with iOS. Our new release is iOS 14. Wouldn't it be great it there were a way to organize all of those apps without doing a thing? Well, this year we're doing just that with something called the "App Library" It's a new space at the endof your home screen pages that automatically organizes all your apps in one simple and easy to navigate view. So here in App Library, getting to the app I'm looking for is really easy. Up at the top, I have the Search field and I get all my appsorganized from A to Z. Now, over here on the upper left, I have "Suggestions", ituses on-device intelligence to show me the apps thatI'm likely to need next. And on the right, is "Recently Added" and below are intelligentlycreated categories. Next, let's turn to Widgets. To start, they're morebeautiful and data rich.

And we're introducing different sizes, so you can choose onethat best fits your needs. So check this out, I'm just gonna tap and hold on the Weather Widget, and I can drag it out of "Today" view andon to my home screen. And watch, as I move it around, the apps just dance out of the way to make space for my new widget. The gallery is a greatplace to explore widgets. Now when I tap on one, I can actually page through all of thedifferent sizes available. With the "Smart Stack", I can easily swipe through widgets topick just the one I want for the moment. But what is really coolis that the "Smart Stack" can actually do this for me automatically. So in the morning, Ican get my news briefing throughout the day, find out when my meeting is coming up. And in the evening, I might get a summary of my activity for the day. Next, we're also bringing"Picture in Picture" to iPhone. So you can access apps on your iPhone while watching video, ortalking on a FaceTime call. Now, check this out. When I swipe to go Home,the video automatically goes into Picture in Pictureright over the home screen. And when I launch another app, like notes I can keep watching. I can drag the picture toanother part of the screen, if I wanna make it bigger,I can even pinch to zoom. And as I move between applications, it stays with me.

 And what's cool is I canalso swipe it to the side and the audio keeps playingwhen it's off screen. Another iconic experience that's getting a major update is Siri. So this year, we've completely redesigned Siri experience. With a new compact design, Siri pops up the bottom of the screen and instantly launches the app. Or if you ask forinformation like the weather, results appear at the top of the screen just like a notification. - Siri has always been greatfor getting information and now has over 20 times more facts than just three years ago. This year you can now ask Siri to send an audio message and Siriwill start recording.

When communicating withsomeone in another language, Siri can help with translations. This year we're expanding to support many new language pairs. We're introducing a newapp called "Translate" It can work completely offline, keeping your conversations private. Using advanced on-device machine learning and the powerful Neural Engine you can translate your text and voice between any combinationof these 11 languages. And just turn the phone to landscape to open conversation mode. We've designed a side by side view that's easy for two people to know which side to follow in the conversation with just a single microphone button because the app intelligently detects the language spoken and shows translation on the correct side of the screen. - Next up, Messages. - Let's get started with conversations. So we are introducing a new way of letting you stay connected to your most important conversations by letting you pin themat the top of your list so you can always get to them. And you can see messages as they come in with a beautiful animation on the pin. Next, let's talk about expressing yourself with "Memoji". (up beat music) - In iOS 14, we're adding even more ways to create your look.

Over 20 new hair and headwear styles to let you reflect your hobby,profession and personality. We've also added something that's even more relevant today. Face coverings. And we're adding more age options too. And now we have threebrand new Memoji stickers that let you send a hug, a fist bump or even a blush to your friends. Last, let's chat about "Groups". First, we're adding in-line replies that let you reply directlyto a specific message, you can view repliesin a full conversation, or you can view them as their own threads. You can focus in on the specific topic. With mentions you canjust type someone's name to direct a message to them. And now you have theability to only be notified when you're mentionedin a group conversation.

With an all new designfor how groups appear it let's you see all themembers of your group where the most recently activepeople are shown largest. And for the first timeever, you can create a unique visual identity for your group by setting a group photo, or customizing your groups look with an emoji. You'll know who's mostrecently commented in the group because their their photo will appear around the outside of the pin. - Next, let's take a look at features that help us while we're out and about. Starting with "Maps". We're excited to announcewe're bringing a new map to more countries later this year, including the UK, Ireland and Canada. - In iOS 14, the Maps team will be working with some of the world'smost trusted brands to offer amazing guides. Guides for great placesto eat, shop, meet friends or exploring cities around the world. We're adding a dedicatedcycling option to Maps which allows users to ridetheir bike along bike lanes paths and roads. We'll even let you know ifyou have a steep passage coming up, or if you'llneed to carry your bike up the stairs. With iOS 14, we're bringing cycling to New York City, L.A,the San Francisco Bay Area along with a number of cities in China like Shanghai and Beijing. So we're also introducing EV routing.

 With iOS 14, Maps willtrack your current charge and factor in things likeelevation and weather to automatically add chargingstops along your route. We're adding congestionand green zones to Maps to easily see where they are along with alternate routing options. In addition, drivers inChina can securely store their license plate number on their iPhone and Maps will let them know which days they can enter congested citycenters based on that number. - And now, on the "CarPlay". We have new wallpaper options and we're adding support fornew categories of CarPlay apps. Parking, EV chargingand quick food ordering. - I'm excited to introduce adigital version of car keys. Now you can leave your keys at home and unlock and start your car with your iPhone. And the very first car to support this will be the new 2021 BMW 5 Series. Digital keys have security benefits they live in a secureelement of your iPhone.

And if it goes missing, you can turn off yourkeys remotely via iCloud. And you can share fromwherever you are with iMessage. Now, let's turn to the App Store. An App Clip is a small part of an app. It's light and fast, and easy to discover. So you can quickly get what youneed right when you need it. Let's start with thiscard which quickly pops up and with just a tap youcan launch the App Clip. The best way to discover App Clips will be with the new Appledesigned App Clip code. So when you see one, you'll know that there's an App Clip waiting for you. They incorporate both visual code and NFC. See, you tap on them orscan them with a camera to bring up an AppClip, and that's iOS 14. - Let's take a look at some ofthe enhancements to iPad OS. The first thing that you'll notice are the same redesignedwidgets that you saw in iOS 14. And this year we're makingit even easier to browse and organize your photoswith an all new side bar. With just a tap of this button,I can reveal the sidebar.

 With all the core functionality of the app in a single location, Ican easily drag a photo to the sidebar and then justdrop it to add it to an album. We've brought this sidebarto many apps across iPad OS. We've also streamlined the toolbars, adding new dropdown menusthat consolidate functions into a single, easy to access button. The sidebar in Music makes iteasy to move between views. I can quickly jump betweenthe new "Listen Now" and my playlists. And once I start playing a song, I can bring up(music playing) a brand new full screen player where I can see rich album art transparent controls and lyrics, all in one single view. - The new compact Siridesign you heard about in iOS 14, is especially useful on iPad. Results appear at the bottom right corner, allowing you to easily referencethe app while using Siri Now an incoming call is represented with a compact notification thatdoesn't take you out of context. And you can simply tap to answer or flick it away to dismiss. So we've redesigned Searchwith a new compact design. You can start a search from anywhere, like the Home screen or over any app. And Search now makes navigatingto your favorite websites just as easy as launching the app. Just type a few letters and the top hit will take you right to Safari. Our customers tell us that once they have an Apple pencil in their hand, they don't wanna put it away. So this year we'rebringing Scribble to iPad, so you can hand write into any text field and it will automaticallybe converted into text. Next, let's talk about AirPods. - We have some amazingupdates coming to AirPods starting with automatic switching. AirPods will now seamlesslymove between your devices without you having tomanually switch them. We also have an exciting newfeature coming to AirPods Pro, Spatial audio. By applying directional audio filters and subtly adjusting thefrequencies each ear receives. We can play soundsvirtually anywhere in apace. Creating an immersivesurround sound experience. Spatial audio for AirPodsPro will work with contact coded in 5.1, 7.1 and even Dolby Atmos. - Until today an app could appear at one spot at a time on a watch face. In WatchOS 7, developers couldenable multiple calibrations making even more richlypersonal watch faces. We're also bringing richcalibrations to more faces. Including a fresh chronograph face. With an integrated tachymeter, and an updated extra large face with a huge rich calibrationright at the center. In configuring watchfaces has been redesigned, you can easily select which information you would like to see. We're introducing "Face Sharing". You'll be able to discover curated faces with third party apps on the App Store, or discover new favoritewatch face right on a website, or receive watch faces directlyfrom friends and family. And now in WatchOS, just like in iOS 14 you can get cycling directions. - The Workout app usesalgorithms that are smartly tuned to track all aspects of your training. And in Watch0S 7, we're adding dance. - (upbeat dance music) - WatchOS 7 also tracks accuratecalories for core training those exercises for your abs and back. Functional strength training, a workout type that helps you get stronger and move better for everyday activities.

 And also Cooldown. Of course, you can track your progress for any of these workouts insidethe activity app on iPhone, which is completelyredesigned on Watch0S 7. The app is getting a new name as well. Fitness. - We are going to be addingeven more capabilities this year in WatchOS7. Tracking your sleep. - That's like you're choosing not only when you'd liketo wake up in the morning but also when you'd like to go to bed. So we are offering "Wind down". It can help you get to bed on time by minimizing distractionsand creating a personalized routine. Once it's time for bed,your screen will dim and your watch will go into sleep mode, which looks like this. The screen will be off during time in bed so won't bother you and thetop displays this simple face. When it's time to wake up, you have a selection of gentleand effective alarm sounds or a silent tactic only wake up alarm so you don't disturb your partner. Once you're up, you'llsee a friendly greeting easing you into the day. Apple watch tracks your sleep using a machine learning model that senses your motionand even interprets the micro movements causedby the rise and fall of your breath. There's an updated sleepsection in "Health hub" including a view of your trends over time. Sleep schedules, Wind down and sleep mode are also available on iPhonewith auto watch in iOS 14. - In WatchOS 7, Applewatch is the first watch to deliver automatic detection. When you start washing your hands, it's sensing of howlong you actually wash. - Privacy matters now more than ever. One thing we hear a lotwith signing with Apple is that people wish they can convert their existing accounts to use it. When you upgrade, you get the ease of use and built-in securityof signing with Apple. While keeping the accountthat you already have. - This year we're continuingto give you even more control In addition to the option of showing your precise location, You have the option to only share your approximate location with apps. - We're also makingchanges from hiking camera so you always know when you're recording. In addition to requiring your permission, this year we're providing more visibility for current or recent camera use. So if an app uses either one we'll indicate thatthat on the status bar. - So moving forward App Store policy will require apps toask before tracking you across apps and websitesowned by other companies. - We're going to require each developer to self report their practices. - We'll show you what they tell us. You can see if a developer is collecting a little bit of data onyou, or a lot of data. Or if they're sharingdata with other companies to track you and much more. - We're gonna to put thisinformation on product pages in the App Store. So for each app you can see highlights of their privacy informationbefore you download it.

 Now, lets talk about somebig changes coming to macOS. - Our next release ofmacOS, is macOS Big Sur. - Let's start with the dock, it has an elegant new design that floats along thebottom of your desktop. Lets take a look at the Finder, you'll notice it has a gorgeousnew top to bottom design for the sidebar. And it has a compactspace efficient tool bar. Next, lets take a look at Mail, you can see that Mail has allnew glyphs on the side bar. Next, let's take a look atPhotos, it's just stunning. You can get to all youralbums and media types from the sidebar, and thephoto grid is back by metal. Now, we've refreshed the design for all the apps in the system. From apps like Calender,Notes to Podcasts and Music. You may have noticed, we'vealso updated the menu bar. It's now translucent and elegantly takes on the color ofyour desktop picture. And we've updated thelayout of menus as well, we've given all the items just a little bit more room to breathe. We've brought Control Center to the Mac. We've also reinventedNotifications Center. You can access it by clicking on the time in the upper right. And as you see we now have a single view that brings your notificationsand widgets together all in one place. We now group relatednotifications together and we're bringing ourredesigned widgets to the Mac. Let's talk about messages.

We're introducing powerful Search, to help you find what you're looking for. We have a redesigned photo picker to make sharing photos and videos easier and "Memoji", you can nowcreate and edit your emoji right on your Mac. Messages effects helps youcelebrate special moments and get your point cross, and you're also getting pin conversations, that are synced across devices so you can always get to them along with new groups enhancements. Now, next up, Maps. To start, Maps featuresa stunning new design and for the first timeon the Mac, Favorites. You can now create your own guides of all the places that youwanna visit right on your Mac. In addition to monitoring and tracking Safari now also securelymonitors your saved passwords. We're adding support tothe web extension APIs so developers can easilybring over extensions they built for other browsers. In Safari, you choose which sites each extensions can work with. And you can even give themaccess just for the day, just for the website or all the time.

We have a whole slew ofnew features this year from a customizable startpage to redesigned tabs that are more elegant and powerful and native translation capabilitiesbuilt right into Safari. - Today we're going to tell you about some really big changes, how we're gonna to take theMac to a whole new level. Today is the day we'reannouncing that the Mac is transitioning to our own Apple Silicon. - Of course when we updatedour apps for BigSur, we built everything asnative for Apple Silicon. Microsoft is hard at workon office for the Mac and we've been working with Adobe on a flagship creative cloud and many of the apps arealready up and running great. - We expect to ship ourfirst Mac with Apple Silicon by the end of this year and we expect the transitionto take about two years. We plan to continue to supportand release new versions of macOS for intel-basedMacs for years to come. In fact we have some newintel-based Macs in the pipeline that we're really excited about. Our OS releases will beavailable as Developer Beta today and each of them will havea Public Beta including WatchOS for the very firsttime starting next month. And all of these greatsoftware will be available to customers this Fall. Thanks to you all for joining us. This has been such a big dayand it's only the beginning of a huge week to come. So let's have a great WMDC 

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