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Lenovo made a great tiny home hub and Alexa tablet

 - Hey, we're at CES 2019,where Lenovo just introduced their new smart home products. Now wait, I know smarthome products can be cringy and not particularly interesting, but these two might just be, okay. We have a new new GoogleAssistant Smart Clock, and we have a new Echo Show device, which also doubles as an Android tablet. (chiming) These are essentially Google Home Minis with a display on them. That's really what you're looking at. Lenovo has co-designed these with Google, and they're doing thewhole fabric-cover thing. Lenovo told me that they'redoing the fabric cover so you get the full sense that this is a Google Home product. So anything that youcan get from Google Home or Google Home Mini, allthe voice activated stuff, you get in this thing. You get these two large, chunkybuttons for volume controls. Some of the physicalfeatures, you get a USB output so you can charge your phone, and there's a microphone switch. The feature that is special and different from Google Home Mini isthat it has a touch screen on the front where you can set your alarm, so you can look at thingslike weather, and Google and Lenovo have programeda few routines into this. Okay, Google, goodnight. (smooth music) And the lights go out. And then in the morning,you have a morning routine.

 So you can say, okay,Google, good morning. - [Clock] Hi, Andrea. - It doesn't seem tocare that I'm not Andrea. Another option, if you havea compatible Nest IQ Cam, you can ask the smart clockto take a look into that. There's one active speaker up on the top, and a couple of passiveradiators on the side. And actually, if you just have it sitting on a desk like this, thesound is better from the back, from the back of the alarmclock, which sounds weird, but, when you imagine, yourusual your alarm clock placement is placed up against a wall, and Lenovo has designedit so the sound bounces off the wall and back at you,in front of the alarm clock. I don't know that it's, necessarily, the best sound you're ever going to get, but then you don't get great sound off the Google Home Mini, either. The whole point of thesedevices is convenience. This thing also plugs into Chromecast. There's a Bluetooth 5 chip in there, so if you want to Chromecastfrom this up to a better, bigger speaker, you can. There's a whole bunch of compatibility. So I haven't, myself, been especially enthusedabout smart displays, such as the one that Lenovo introduced here at CES last year, but inthis sort of diminutive size, and just this kind ofsnippet-sized information that you can get from this, you get a lot of the Googlesystem functionality, and it adds to what you canget with a Google Chrome Mini. The only thing that really bugs me, is it's got this phone screen, but it doesn't have thebest viewing angles. The pricing is $79.99,and this will be available in the spring, 2019.

 So Lenovo's other smarthome products, here at CES, is the new Smart Tab, whichis a 10-inch Android tablet. Now, Android tablets haven't had much of a history of success, butLenovo's willing to remix, and the idea is to giveyou an Android tablet, plus an Echo Show device, which is what happens whenyou dock it into this dock, which is included with the tablet. You get the Smart Tab P10, which is the one docked down here, and the Smart Tab M10, which is here, the cheaper, $199, M10. It has a more basic,utilitarian finish on the back. It has two Dolby Atmosspeakers at the top, instead of four, as with theP10 that's here, at $299. But both of them have thisreally quite nice display. It's 1920 by 1200. The Echo Show functionalityis pretty much what you get on the Amazon Echo Show, but the docking's also really quite nice. I've listened to it, I've tested it out. There's one 3-way speaker in the front, one 3-way speaker on the back, and then the two DolbyAtmos speakers at the top, and they all work in concert, and they produce a really nice sound. So both of these tabletsare running on Android 8.1, a reload, Lenovo is notpromising by updates. Just picking up the P10 out of it's dock. It's fancy, it has a7,000 mini amp battery, versus the 4,800 miniamp powering the M10. It has the gloss finish in the back, if you care for that kind of thing. There's a fingerprint sensorin the front down here, with the P10. It's a bit of extra convenience. But honestly, the display'sthe thing that is identical between the two, and it'sthe thing that I would care about the most, frankly. And aside from the display, they also have the same processor.

They're both based on theQualcomm Snapdragon 450, which, you know, it'squite a low-end processor, but in terms of responsiveness, I have had no complaints, so fair enough. You get a bit more RAM with this, two or three gigabytes on the M10, four gigabytes on the P10, 16 or 32 gigabytes ofstorage with the M10, up to 64 gigabytes ofstorage with the P10. Both charge wirelessly bythese pogo pins down here. So this is all quitepromising, these smart tabs. Both of them are availableto pre-order straightaway, from Lenovo and from Amazon, and you should be ableto get then in January. For more videos like this, and more smart devices for your home, stay tuned to theverge.comand youtube.com/verge. 

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