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Samsung's new 8K bezel-less and rotating TVs at CES 2020

 - Hey, it's Chris Welch toThe Verge here at CES 2020, and we just saw Samsung's line up of TVs for the coming year. Now the company has twovery different ideas for their flagships this time around. On one side is the UltraPremium fancy 8K TV with a barely-there bezel, and on the opposite endis what called the Sero, which rotates vertically? (upbeat music) So the Sero is designed forMillennials and Gen Zers. It's got a 43 inch screen. And it's not Samsung's nicest TV, it's QLED, so it's got quantum-dotHDR color, that's great. But it's meant for mobile first customers, so you pair it withyour Android or iPhone. It does support AirPlay too,which is really great to see. And you can rotate it verticallyand open any app you want. Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, it's whatever might workvertically you can do on this TV without ugly black bars on the sides.

So if you have a Samsungphone like the Galaxy S10 or the Note 10 you just rotate your phone and the TV turns automatically. If you have an iPhone youhave to use the button on the remote but you can still do it, it just takes a bit more time. So the Sero has a builtin base at the bottom which also houses a speaker system, can't take it off, thisTV cannot be wall mounted. So that's one disadvantage. Samsung says the Sero is partof its lifestyle TV lineup with the frame and the Sero. So it's designed to kind of blend in with your surroundings and your decor. So when you're notstreaming TikTok videos, you can put a clock on thereor your personal photos or even artwork. There's no pricing oravailability on the Sero just yet, but it'll be here this year at some point in the US and globally. Now let's upgrade a bit tothe ultra fancy 8K QLED TV. Now you've probablyheard about this by now, it has barely-there bezels that when you're standingat a normal distance, you really can't even perceive, it looks like just a floatingdisplay of glorious sharp, 8K, content. But, therein lies the problem, 8K still lack any real content at all. So Samsung has a lot of AI upscaling and other stuff thatit says will improve 4K to look more 8K-ish. And so that's what you've got for now. There are plans to maybe stream8K at some point this year but that's all still very much in the air.

 So I wish Samsung wouldhave put that same design, those super slim bezels in a 4K TV, which would have made a lot more sense for your average customer. But if you want the beautiful design, they've got to buy into 8K. So the Q950 comes in three screen sizes, 65 inches, 75 inches and 85 inches, and in all three, the frontis covered by 99% display. So it's your contentand bezels that again, you can barely even tell are there. Just like the Sero they're still unknowns, price, release date. We don't know those details quite yet, but we should know morein the coming months. Now thankfully, there are alot of good software features coming to all of Samsung's 2020 TVs, those includes GoogleAssistant and Amazon Alexa built right in if you don't like Bixby, now you can just choose one of those. And also Samsung is puttinga big focus on privacy. It's telling you what data it collects what it tracks about your viewing habits, all of those things. Trying to be more transparent when people are more concerned about this stuff than ever before. We're out here in the neon lights of Las Vegas all week long. So keep it locked on TheVerge's YouTube channel for all the latest tech, TVs and whatever else pops up at CES 2020. 

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