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The OnePlus 6T is the best phone value right now

Here it is, the OnePlus 6T. It looks a lot like this, the OnePlus 6, but with a couple of significant changes. You'll be able to buy it,starting on November 1st, for $549 and up. Now, before I get intosome of the other changes that are on the 6T, there's a big one that a lot of you have been waiting for. The 6T is the first OnePlus phone that can be used on Verizon. This is huge, you canfinally use a OnePlus phone on the biggest carrier in the US, complete with LTE and VoLTE service. In addition, the OnePlus 6T will be sold directly by T-Mobile inthe US, making it the first OnePlus phone sold by any carrier here. You'll be able to find itin every T-Mobile store and use T-Mobile's device payment plan, combined with your phonebill to purchase it. This is a big deal forOnePlus, which has only sold it's phones online in the US. And, they'll continue to do so, so if you want to orderit online, you can. And if you're in the UK,OnePlus will be selling the 6T on every majorcarrier, plus on Amazon and at John Lewis Stores. Okay, so, let's talksabout the phone itself. There aren't a ton of changesfrom the 6 that was just released in May of this year. But there are a handful of new things that are pretty significant. Let's start with the display,it's still an edge to edge OLED screen, but now it'seven larger at 6.4 inches. The bottom chin is one millimeter smaller, and the notch at the topis way smaller than before. It's got this littleteardrop kind of shape. If you hate notches, thisis probably the only one that you'll be able to tolerate. But even more significant,is that under this screen, is a fingerprint scannerfor unlocking the phone.

 OnePlus has removed thetraditional fingerprint scanner that was on the back of the 6 and completely embeddedit inside the 6T screen. That makes the 6T thefirst phone in the US to offer this kind of feature. Now, you can use it to unlockthe phone, log into apps that support fingerprint loginslike your bank account app, or something like that. Or, authenticate locked data and apps. OnePlus says that it worksthrough screen protectors, and through small scratches on the screen, and it's just as secure as thetraditional style scanners. Now, the company claims thatthis scanner is the fastest in-screen scanner in any phone. But, I don't really havea bunch of other phones with this feature to compare it to. But, I can tell you that it'snot as fast as the traditional fingerprint reader thatyou're probably used to. There's a little pause orbeat each time that you use it because the light has to illuminate before it scans your fingerand then the phone unlocks.

 I don't think this is a huge problem. It's still fast and itstill works reliably most of the time, but it is noticeable. Now if you do want afaster more convenient, but way less secure wayto unlock your phone, the 6T has the same face unlocking system that uses the frontcamera and is wicked fast. Inside the 6T has the sameset of specs as before. It's a Snapdragon 845 processor,six or eight gigs of RAM. Up to 256 gigs of storage. What's different is you can'tbuy a 64 gig model anymore. The base model of the 6T starts at 128. OnePlus has also bumpedup the battery capacity, up to 3,700 milliamp powers,which it says provides 20% more battery life than the 6. I haven't been using the 6Tlong enough to test this, but it's a significantlylarger battery pushing the same processor and same screen resolution. So, it's safe to assume that, it will probably last longer than before. That bigger battery doeschange a couple of things with the body of the phone. It's a little thicker and alittle heavier than before, and the back has moreof a curve than the 6. I actually find it to be nicerto hold than the 6 though, it fits my hand better and itjust feels more substantial. But, this is still a big phone and if you find bigphones to be hard to use, you're gonna have ahard time with this one. The other big thing thatOnePlus changed is that it removed the headphonejack that was on the 6.

Now, it's just as annoyinghere as it is on the Pixel or the iPhone, or any otherphone without a headphone jack. But, OnePlus is including alittle adapter in the box, so you can use your 3.5millimeter headphones with it. You might also miss thenotification LED at the top, which has been removed in pursuit of this tiny little teardrop notch. And OnePlus still isn'toffering wireless charging, which is a bummer when practically every other phone has it now. And it still doesn't have proper water resistance certification. But, it does have OnePlus'sextremely fast wired charging, provided you use the includedcharging brick and cable that come in the box. The 6T's camera is exactly as before. It's got a 16 megapixel main camera, with a 20 megapixel secondsensor for portrait effects. Plus a 16 megapixel front camera. But OnePlus has added abunch of software tweaks and a couple of new features, including a better portrait mode, better low light shots,and a new night-scape mode for nighttime landscapes and cityscapes.

And if you have a OnePlus6, all of those new camera features will becoming in a software update. So, look out for that. The 6T is launching withOnePlus's Oxygen OS, on top of Android 9 Pie. It does have a couple of new features, it has improved gesture control system and some better memory management tweaks. So there you go, that'sthe new OnePlus 6T. Just like the 3T and the 5Tbefore it, it takes the phone that OnePlus launched a few months ago, tweaks it, refines it, and makesit a better overall device. It's a really good phone and it still has areally aggressive price. Especially compared the newphones from Apple and Google. And this time around, Verizonusers get to join the fun. Hey, thanks for watching,for more on the OnePlus 6T including our full reviewwith camera samples and all that fun stuff, be sureto check out the verge.com. And if you haven't seenour new science channel, go check it out, youtube.com/vergescience. 

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