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Kia and Cosmos Movie Free Download || Kia and Cosmos Full Movie Download || Kia and Cosmos Movie || Kia and Cosmos netflix

Kia and Cosmos Movie Free Download || Kia and Cosmos Full Movie Download || Kia and Cosmos Movie || Kia and Cosmos netflix

Story: Kia (Ritwika Pal), a mentally unbalanced 15-year-old, is enthusiastic about discovering who could have executed a pregnant feline? In any case, is it such simple? What else will she disentangle during her hunt?

Survey: Films on uncommon kids are frequently about their voyage from dimness to light. It is additionally expected that they will have an agonizing personality and social ponderousness given their uncommon conditions. Kia And Cosmos falls in line while demonstrating a 15-year-old mentally unbalanced young lady's voyage. In any case, there's a sure irregular affability about everything. Kia's (Ritwika Pal) spreading out from a casing is neither abrupt nor conscious. It occurs along the normal course of time.
Every perspective in the film — from Kia's expert curved of cerebrum, her organization a diary, to the story around a pregnant cat getting butchered and Kia loosening up more than arranged — engages a characteristic technique. Kia's unadulterated anyway definite request — both about presence and those that help in the assessment — discover you resting. These are no fabulous request of an adolescent riding high on inventive personality anyway a sign to get in contact at astute reasoning. For clear reasons by then, she's a child who acknowledges higher science. 

In any case, Kia's relationship with her mother Dia (Swastika Mukherjee) is expectedly not one without energetic strings. All things considered, they are anxious. Especially since unprecedented children need close checking and care, the manner in which that Kia is in numerous bits of the film showed up without any other individual, makes you feel to some degree bewildered. She in like manner happens to have wistful affections for her rickshaw-puller partner Rabi. Regardless, it's her outstanding relationship with a guide-cum-partner at school, Souvik (Zahid Hossain), and her father Kabir Chatterjee (Joy Sengupta), with whom she bonds over music, that hit home. Through Kia and the distinctive little nuances seeing somebody, the boss fulfills the motto — 'odd is okay!' really, there are simply passing notification of what one would call 'impossible to miss' in their lives. 

The characters are extraordinarily made for such a film. There's clearly a 'not so much certifiable's riddle plot of a cat being killed at this point looking into it incorporates no fomented suspects and questionable bends in the story. It's reasonably the reliable character of a youngster encountering Pervasive Developmental Disorders that prompts the killer! Regardless, the energetic difficulty between the mother-young lady group is the component of the film.
Ritwika does as such well guzzling Kia that you should gaze her upward to make sure that she's not a mentally unbalanced kid doing ponders on screen. Swastika ensures that Dia is the most relatable character in the film. You will trust her each time — in her bliss, in her torment and in her misleading. Indeed, it's she who will truly make the feline's passing stable minor even against a youngster's blameless cases. Satisfaction is estimated — in his presentation and furthermore in the screen time. Zahid and the kid who plays Rabi connect with you along the storyline.

Somewhat less reel time that just took more time to end and not wait on would have added to the content. Additionally, a superior acknowledgment of her mom in Kia's delicate world would have made for a decent consummation. In any case, the film will attract you to Kia's universe.

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