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Shankar Mudi Movie Free Download || Shankar Mudi Bengali Full Movie Free Download ||Shankar Mudi Full Movie Watch Online Free|| Shankar Mudi Bengali Movie Download

Shankar Mudi Movie Free Download || Shankar Mudi Bengali Full Movie Free Download ||Shankar Mudi Full Movie Watch Online Free|| Shankar Mudi Bengali Movie Download

Story: The film tells the story of Shankar, an average little time merchant, who battles to change his every day life when a shopping center comes up in the area.

Shankar Mudi is a wonderful film when it bases on its middle subject. Be that as it may, when it goes astray, a whole host of demanding 'admonitions' is raised. Essentially, it is a cut of-life film about the life of a standard nourishment dealer, who is partner and companion to everyone in the territory. The story is typical. The Barbershop plan of movies ring a chime, which dealt with a similar subject — with a beautician as the saint instead of a nourishment vendor. In any case, the substance of Shankar Mudi endeavors to arrive at a significant resolution. Besides, in endeavoring to do all things considered, lounges around inactively pestering issues that have little to do with the inside subject. 

The story begins simply enough and you feel the daintiness of the substance. Shankar is more than a mudi. A good natured, kind and round man (played unequivocally by Kaushik Ganguly), he is the center of the territory. Having run his shop there for quite a while, he knows the solicitations and inclinations for his customers better than anything they do. Likewise, the customers trust him with their shopping, and every so often, their lives. For Shankar Mudi isn't just the owner, he is a bit of their world in sunshine and storm, sharing every quandary and bliss and growing unequivocal assistance — paying little mind to whether it means striking off development records of specific customers after their passing. 

In any case, there's a storm planning. Remote direct theory and gigantic business, as a swanky new strip mall, are bringing their heads up in the territory. This makes Shankar and the other little retailers of the locale mindful. Will they have the choice to exist together just as will they be cleared aside by the new surge of free undertaking? What happens next structures the center of the story. 

As you can understand, they are a lot of political meanings here. While the official may fight that it is there to make battle and objectives, a huge amount of watchers may see it particularly in these politically sensitive events. There are subplots about John Henry, the rising and fall of communism and manhunts of young people having a spot with outskirts social occasions. None of these have anything to do with the inside plot and adroit modifying could have evacuated a couple of scenes and help shave off a segment of the runtime. The culmination likewise is to some degree dangerous and gloomy. As opposed to finding an answer, the film construes that the keep going nails on the business visionaries pine boxes have quite recently been struck. 

That isolated, there is little to protest about. The acting office is all around taken thought off with stalwarts like Kaushik Ganguly, Saswata Chatterjee and Anjan Dutt in top structure. Kaushik needs phenomenal notice as he blends his character with humankind and impact and makes you care for him. A shock is the deficient use of performer Sreela Majumdar, who plays Shankar's significant other. An on-screen character of her drag justifies a few additional scenes as the unfaltering mate. The music and songs by Kabir Suman are topical and help move the story along. There is carefree component as Saswata and Kanchan Mullick too. As a rule, a superior than normal effort drove imperceptibly uncontrolled by a winding substance.
— Srijoy Mukherjee

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