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Tarikh Bengali Movie Download || Tarikh Movie 2019 || Bengali Movie Online Free Download || Tarikh Bengali Film || Tarikh Bengali Movie Trailer

Tarikh Bengali Movie Download || Tarikh Movie 2019 || Bengali Movie Online Free Download || Tarikh Bengali Film || Tarikh Bengali Movie Trailer

Story: Three friends — professor and staunch idealist, Anirban (Saswata), his conformist wife Ira (Raima) and realist friend Rudrangshu (Ritwick) — question life and its meaning.

We live in a world brimming with pseudo intellectuals who burn bright solely on their social media timelines. Then there the so-called ‘ineffective’ intelligentsia, who spend their lives dreaming of changing the world but hardly ever get around to doing so. Tarikh is the story of both these breeds rolled into one — Anirban. And of course, much more than that. True, the core theme of the film is pretty sombre, as death, despite being the ultimate certainty, is a truth every human being wants to brush under the rug and blissfully forget. But Tarikh pulls it out, puts it under the microscope and basically reminds you about it all over again. Feeling uncomfortable? Well, you needn’t be.

The beauty of the film lies in how it deals with death. It doesn’t focus on death itself, but on its impact — on how different people cope with the void left behind by the sudden loss of a near and dear one. This, intertwined with our so-called lives in the virtual world, create the truly credible timeline of the film. It keeps pulling us back to the grey zone where real and virtual lives and friendships merge and highlights the impact of this haze on our real lives. And some truly stellar performances by the lead trio — Saswata, Raima and Ritwick — and the supporting cast makes this timeline really immersive and engaging. The narrative swings between the poignant and the uplifting, weaving in and out of human relationships, social commentary, literature, politics and perspectives, making it a heady yet balanced mix of emotions and opinions. And the free-flowing songs and the subtle background score add to the moods of the narrative.
Perhaps the greatest feature of the film is unquestionably the camerawork. From building up London with a mixture of transient shots of the city and its life to summoning the correct feelings and making vivid minutes through some obviously well-arranged shots make the film a visual treat. An occurrence of that is the box see (a vertical shot of the boulevards lights sliding past a pine box being driven in from the air terminal). Be that as it may, the peak lifts the account to the point of conviction that enables Ira to at long last proceed onward. 

One disadvantage of the story is the way that it's very urbane, less the complexity. What's more, this could make it miss the mark concerning having a widespread intrigue. In any case, at that point, each story has a home. For Tarikh, that is Kolkata. 

Passing isn't something one would need to have a nearby experience with even on the big screen. In any case, Tarikh unquestionably requests a watch — not on the grounds that it helps you to remember demise, but since it really reminds you how significant each living minute is… that it is so imperative to live completely inside your fixed 'course of events' than being undying. It advises you that any date on the schedule can be your first, or your last.

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