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The center has introduced a method to delete your account from Arogya Setu app

The center has introduced a method to delete your account from Arogya Setu app

The center has introduced a method to delete your account from Arogya Setu app

Where is the need for a healing bridge app in Corona?
If the app user
comes in contact with a corona infected, the app will inform him in a moment. This allows the app user to be alert.
The government even declared the use of this app mandatory in some cases. Do you know in which cases it is mandatory to use this app?
It is mandatory to install the app on the phones of all the people who are connected with the service.
The use of this app is mandatory in every government sector including health, security, police. In addition, all employees and players in the game world were instructed to keep this app running.
The Airports Authority of India has also asked every passenger to keep this app running on the route as per their guidelines. An official notification was issued on the Twitter handle of Arogya Bridge stating that all residents of Orange Zone, Red Zone, Green Zone and Containment Zone are being instructed to download Arogya Bridge app.
The Ministry of Railways said that it is mandatory to install this app on the phone in case of rail service. Delivery companies like Zomato then gave strict instructions to its employees to launch this app. In the third step of the lockdown, the private company also instructed all employees to keep the Arogya Setu app installed on their phones.
How many people in India have downloaded this app?
According to the latest data, more than 23 crore people in India have downloaded the Arogya Setu app. This app can be downloaded on iOS and Android phones.
Kendra has recently come up with a new feature in this app. According to the new feature, this app has been updated in such a way that users can delete their accounts from the government database.

How to delete this data and account?

1) These features will match when you go to the settings of Arogya Setu app. There you have to click on the delete option.

2) You first select the phone number with which you opened the account.

3) Then the conditional delete account option will come.

4) Go to the side menu settings of the app. There you will find an option called 'Delete My Account'.

5) Enter the registered mobile number by clicking on 'Delete My Account'.

6) Then you will see an option called Delete Account, click on it.

6) Before deleting the account, the app will tell you which data will be removed. The app will then notify that users have been permanently unsubscribed from this app. Then they will delete the app's data and account.

6) All data will be deleted from the government server after next 30 days.

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