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How Many Types Of Insurance | What is insurance, what are its types

How Many Types Of Insurance | What is insurance, what are its types

What is the type of insurance

Insurance is Type 2 Life Insurance And General Insurance but nowadays Insurance have been many types, such as Travel Insurance so Clia we have all these types Insurance is to know about the first

1.) Life Insurance

Its name that suggests these Insurance Life Insurance which is the Banda Insurance offers to his sudden death is his family company Muwavja | Second comes General Insurance

2.) General Insurance

Home Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Health Insurance, Animals Insurance are all includedin this type of General Insurance .

1. Home Insurance

Home Insurance to speak of so many people insure their home is too narrowly, their home safe to do |

2. Health Insurance

Now talk to Insurance So nowadays Health has went up significantly of problems, expenditure on this for health has increased significantly | So you Health Insurance is a disease that is taking Health Insurance gives Krcha you treat |

3. Car Insurance

Now we talk Car Insurance in our nation's Car Insurance offers a damage insurance company when your car under it to be quite important, if you went hurt any of your car or you went died in the unknown The cases are covered in Insurance e Ke Third-Party Car Insurance .

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