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How to take loan from MoneyEnjoy App? | MoneyEnjoy Loan App Online Apply

today we will know how you can take online loan and the application I am going to tell you about today. Its name is MoneyEnjoy – Instant Personal Loan App Online, we will know everything about this application today, how much loan this loan gives you, for how many months you will get loan from here, who to take loan from this? If you need documents from then let us know.

How to take loan from MoneyEnjoy App? | MoneyEnjoy Loan App Online Apply

What is MoneyEnjoy Loan App

MoneyEnjoy Ek is an online loan giving application, from where you can take a loan of Rs 5,000 to 2 lakh , that too at very low interest, friends , this application is giving loans to needy people in the whole country since 2019 , this application is from Karnataka Here you will get small loans initially and as you repay that loan on time, your loan amount is increased.


First of all we know about Fee and Charges because going forward we will have to repay the loan. Here you can take a loan of a large amount, here you will get a loan from 5 thousand to 2 lakh rupees. Here you will have to pay 36% more and at least 12% interest. You can take loan from here for 91 days to 3 years .

Loan Calculation

For example : If the loan amount is Rs 10,000 and the interest rate is 30% with a tenure of 91 days , then after deducting the processing fee, the interest is as follows:

Interest = Rs 10 thousand * 30% / 365 * 91 = Rs 748


Friends, now let us talk about who will get this loan:

1.) You must be a citizen of India

2.) Your age less than 21 years and more than 50 years must be

3.) You must have a source of income

MoneyEnjoy Top Features

1.) Borrow 24*7 , apply for loan whenever

2.) No Collateral Just need an application to fill, no collateral or guarantor required

3.) Simple and fast The entire process of application can be completed in a matter of minutes

4.) Instant Disbursement Receive money within minutes

How To Get Loans?

1.) Download Google Play Se MoneyEnjoy and register in the app

2.) Complete the required information in the application

3.) Fast Approval Automatically - Approval within 1 day

4.) After approval, money will be reserved in your bank account within 24 hours

Contact With MoneyEnjoy:

Costomer Service Email: mmej@outlook.com

Address: 22.2st Floor, Opp Honeydewbar & Restaurant, 19Th Cross, Rr Road, Karnataka, India

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