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Paytm SBI Credit Card | Paytm SBI Credit Card Select 2021

Paytm SBI Credit Card | Paytm SBI Credit Card Select 2021

Friends, in association with SBI Card , you will get Unlimited Cashback of 2 % on both these credit cards , where one point reward means one rupee, in the same way you understand it as a reward point or you will understand the rupee whichever is spent. There will be no limit on how much cashback you will get, the way you will spend, you will get cashback, you can manage this card in your Paytm App itself , you will not need to go to SBI Card website. In this you will get benefits of Rs 75,000 , we will talk about it further. You can use your Paytm App You can not know more by logging into the account of Ashwini Kumar Tiwari, MD and CEO, Paytm SBI Credit Card said, “Once you apply for these cards from the Paytm app, SBI will decide your credit limit based on your Paytm money transaction.

Unlimited Cashback

To 5% of Unlimited Cashback if friends have this Paytm SBI Credit Card And Paytm SBI Card Select the Paytm Mall, Movies & Travel so will book you on the 5% will cashback then it's over 2% of cashback If you spend on Paytm App , then it has been told that you will get 1% cashback anywhere you can save money with Paytm SBI Credit Card and Paytm SBI Card Select

Whether you do mobile recharge, bill payment or whatever you do on Paytm App , then you will get 2% cashback. Then friends, you Complementary airport lounge access get is that of 4 Domestic Airport Launch visits Awri the year or 3 months 1 will once and just Paytm SBI Card Select to sender | And it has been told that when you take Paytm SBI Credit Card and Paytm SBI Card Select about Paytm First Card , then you will get Paytm First Membership for free.


After that friends you will get Paytm Gift Voucher of Rs 750 here and after that Paytm Gift Vouchers will get Rs 2,000 if you spend 4 lakhs a year and after that friends if you spend 6 lakhs for the year then you will get 4000 Rs Gift Voucher will But it is just Paytm SBI Card Select will be the members |

Cyber Fraud Insurance

After that friends, here you will get Cyber ​​Frud Insurance Cover of Rs 2 lakh. Friends, here it has also been divided into two parts, the people of Paytm SBI Credit Card will get only Rs . 1,00,000 and those with Paytm SBI Card Select will get Rs . 2,00,000.


1.) 1% fuel surcharge valve

2.) EMI Conversion on Large Transactions

3.) Add-on Card

4.) International Use

5.) Renewal of First Membership

Free renewal for Paytm SBI Credit Card users on achieving an annual retail spend of Rs 1 lakh

Renewal discount for Paytm SBI Credit Card select users

There is no big difference when comparing Paytm SBI Card Select and Paytm Paytm SBI Credit Card cashback offers with other co -branded cards like Flipkart-Axis Bank, Amazon Pay-ICICI Bank. www.creditcardz.in. Spokesperson says that instead of Paytm, people are getting interested in buying from other co-branded card companies and the use of these cards is expected to increase further.

So it was aware Paytm SBI Credit Card And Paytm SBI Card Select about Paytm from two kinds of Credit Card has been launched in today's post we Paytm same Credit Card and SBI Credit Card Select if briefed If you like this, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any question then you can ask by commenting, thank you from the heart for giving so much of your precious time.

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