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 A newspaper editor, Shrivastav, is killed whilst he become about to show the underworld links of a totally rich and influential individual. C.I.D. Inspector Shekhar is assigned to this example, an research of which leads him to suspect Dharamdas and his guys. But Dharamdas spins an internet of lies and deceit, and Shekhar himself will become a suspect, and is arrested by the police, and loses his activity, leaving Dharamdas and his guys to carry on undeterred.

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Starring : Dev Anand, Shakila, Johnny Walker, Mehmood, Waheeda Rehman 
Director : Raj Khosla 
Producer : Guru Dutt 
Writer : Inder Raj Anand
 Language : Hindi

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The story exceeds all expectations Anand and Guru Dutt promised each other that they would give each other a job as boss and performer in the wake of becoming showbiz eminence. Dev fulfilled his assurance with Baazi (1951), his second film as a producer. In any case, Guru kept only half of his assurance as he just conveyed CID, trusting in his partner Raj Khosla to arrange it.Dev Anand played a hard rose as a CID agent who is depended to view the unquestionablyblameworthy party behind the murder of a respected writer.

Creation and Review

Dev Anand and Guru Dutt were companions when they attempted to get a break in films and had guaranteed each other that Dev would give Guru Dutt a movie to coordinate (which he did with Baazi) and Guru Dutt would give Dev a role as a legend and direct him. As Guru Dutt didn't immediate C.I.D. he could satisfy just a large portion of his guarantee. The scriptwriter was Inder Raj Anand, father of entertainer producer Tinnu Anand. 

Master Dutt had seen Waheeda Rehman in a Telugu film and cast her in Pyaasa (1957), yet gave her a vital supporting job in C.I.D. to set up her for Pyaasa. The movement of this film was finished by Zohra Sehgal. The ensembles were credited to a debutant, Bhanumati, who is otherwise called Bhanu Athaiya. Johnny Walker and Kum as his sweetheart proposition a satire track and social editorial on the fair lawbreakers attempting to get by. They connect with Bombay in a manner that is more straightforward and involved than the others, and they know the intricate details of the cops and burglars' games. Mehmood was the best when he had no lines. He looked like it, yet sounds excessively hammy. At any rate, the manager plays it safe and has Sher Singh knock off, and outlines Shekhar for the two killings. Delivered by Guru Dutt and coordinated by Raj Khosla, C.I.D. is an engaging and drawing in thrill ride. Pitting a smooth Dev Anand against a shadowy criminal genius, the story is told with rhythm and light and shade. Include the rich O.P Nayyar melodies, a youthful and minxy Waheeda Rehman moving to movement by Zohra Sehgal, Johnny Walker really being entertaining, and there is such a huge amount to cherish. There are a couple of points of legal cycle that appear to be far-fetched, however insufficient to degrade the general happiness regarding a refined yarn. 

Helping Raj Khosla on C.I.D. were Pramod Chakraborty and Bhappi Sonie who proceeded to become fruitful chiefs by their own doing. One of the lyricists was Jan Nisar Akhtar, who stated "Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein."[6] The melody "Ae Dil Hain Mushkil" (otherwise called "Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan"), performed by Mohammed Rafi and Geeta Dutt, is brilliant for all occasions in the film.


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