US Military Thwarts Houthi Drone Attack in Red Sea, Neutralizes Weapons"

 The United States military announced on Saturday that it had intercepted a drone launched by Yemen's Houthi rebels toward the Red Sea and also neutralized additional weaponry belonging to the group.

According to a statement from US Central Command (CENTCOM) shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), the Houthis deployed two drones towards the Red Sea on Saturday morning. This region holds significant commercial importance and has been the target of numerous attacks by the Iranian-backed rebels in recent months.

CENTCOM reported that one of the drones was successfully engaged and destroyed, while the fate of the second one remains unclear, with the presumption that it crashed into the Red Sea. Fortunately, there were no reports of any damage or injuries to ships in the vicinity.

Earlier, the Houthis had claimed responsibility for a drone attack targeting a US destroyer in the Red Sea, asserting that their strike had achieved its objectives. Later that same night, CENTCOM disclosed that they had destroyed five unmanned surface vessels and another drone in areas of Yemen under Houthi control, citing self-defense as the rationale.

These incidents are part of a series of attacks by the Houthis, including a recent assault on a bulk carrier and the sinking of a vessel transporting large quantities of fertilizer. In response, both US and British forces have carried out retaliatory strikes.

The escalation in hostilities has led to a surge in shipping insurance costs and prompted many companies to divert their vessels away from the southern tip of Africa.

The Houthis claim that they are targeting shipping with ties to Israel as part of their alliance with Iran and other groups opposed to Israel's actions in the Gaza Strip.

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