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Google's new Wifi router is a smart speaker

So these cute candlejar looking plastic things that are on your screen right now, these are Goggle's new WiFi routers. Actually they're also Google'snew smart home speakers. You see, Google went anddid the obvious thing, the thing that we've all been asking for. They took a Google Home and they put it inside a WiFi router. Or maybe they took a WiFi router and put it inside a Google Home? I don't know, it doesn't matter. This is the Google Nest WiFi. So Google's whole argumentwith the Nest WiFi is that WiFi access points work way better when they're out in the open instead of buried in your closet somewhere or even attached to awall socket in the corner. So they want you to put it onyour counter or your table, and to convince you to do that, they put a smart speaker in it so that you would actuallyput it out in the open and talk to it.

 So let's talk about this thingas a smart speaker first. It's actually kind of neat. It has this new lighting system where when you talk to it, it puts a ring of light underneath it and that ring of lightturns orange when it mutes which is super annoying but you can turn that off in the settings which by the way are insidethe Google Home app now and that's terrible becausethe Google Home app is terrible but we will all survivethis problem together. It also does this neat thing where when your hand gets close to it, it uses ultrasound to detect it and that lights up acouple of lights on the top so that you know where to tapfor volume up and volume down. Okay, but how does it sound as a speaker? Well, it sounds like apretty good Google Home Mini because it's literally apretty good Google Home Mini. It's a slightly upgradedGoogle Home Mini speaker only in this thing, it's firing downward and because it's a little bit bigger, it's got more air to work with so it can sound just a little bit better. Oh hey, speaking ofMini's, there's a new one. It's not the Google Mini now.

Now it's the Nest Mini and it has a few new things in it. It looks exactly the same as the last one although there is a new blue color but the new stuff is, it sounds slightly better because that's slightly better speaker and Google also says itdid a whole bunch of like machine learning and tuning and stuff just to make it sound better. It also does localcontrol for certain things so you can turn your lights on and off without having to ask aserver how to do that. So that's neat. And it also has thisnew ultrasound feature from the Nest WiFi wherewhen you reach for it, it will light up and tellyou where the buttons are 'cause you can tap it to play pause or you can turn the volumeup or shorten the volume down right on the Nest Mini itself. It's still gonna cost50 bucks but I bet you there'll be discounts onthe thing all the time. Oh, one more thing. It does have a hole on the back so that it's easier to hang on the wall I guess if you want.

All right, back to the Nest WiFi. How is it as a router? Well we don't know the full specs yet but it does support AC2200 so it should be a little bit better there. Google says that it's twice as fast but what exactly thatmeans remains to be seen. It supports Thread 'causethey're still trying to make that thing happen and they also say that it has 25% coverage than the old Google WiFi which is still sticking around by the way. Google's main package is a two pack which is one router whichdoesn't have an assistant in it and then the little point that does, and that's gonna sell for $269. There's a whole bunch ofdifferent price points for buying one of themindividually if you want to and they are backwardscompatible with the Google WiFi if you want to build out from there. Also, they're making a packthat is just two routers that they're selling on Amazon because Amazon won't sell the Point because the Point has theGoogle Assistant built in and Amazon doesn't wanna sell anything that competes with Alexabecause capitalism.

So look, I'm really happythat Google just finally went and did the obvious thing. It took a smart speaker and a mesh router and they crammed them together. But we still need to test it and see how it actually performs especially since Eero justannounced a new router at an Amazon event abouta couple of weeks ago because well this is a really good idea, the most important thing isthat it provides good WiFi. Hey everybody, thank youso much for watching. There's obviously a lot more happening at this Google hardware event. We've got a video with the Pixel 4 which I know you're into and we also have a videowith the Pixelbook Go so you should check those out. 

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