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Apps and websites that are banned in China

Apps and websites that are banned in China

is google banned in china

India has recently blocked 59 Chinese apps. But China does not go less. They have blocked the world's most popular apps and websites for a long time. Their Internet censorship is also known as The Great Firewall in China.

Here is a list of apps and websites that are banned in China:

1. Google

The world's most popular search engine has not been used in China since 2010. Baidu is used as an alternative to Google in the country.

2. Facebook

The Chinese government shut down Facebook in 2009. As a result, residents of the country use WeChat as an alternative to Facebook. However, if someone runs Facebook with VPN, it is not considered illegal.

3. Twitter

The microblogging site has been blocked since 2009. Weibo is used as an alternative to Twitter in China.

4. YouTube

YouTube was first shut down for five months in 2006. The video sharing platform was shut down again in 2009. UCO.com and Tencent videos made by e-commerce giant Alibaba are meeting the demand of YouTube in China.

5. Instagram

Facebook-owned Instagram Block in China since 2014. Chinese technology company Tencent's WeChat is an alternative to Instagram there.

6. Gmail

Google's email service is not available in any part of China.

7. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is also banned in China. WhatsApp has been closed there since 2016. QQ is used in the country as an alternative to WhatsApp.

8. Google Maps

Like other Google services, Google Maps is closed in China. The map created by Baidu search engine is used in the country.

9. Cora

The Chinese government has also blocked Kora, a site for answering questions. Jhihu is used there instead.

10. Tinder

Dating site Tinder from China also cannot be accessed. Momo app has been created as an alternative to China.

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