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Google launches new video conferencing app for 250 people for free

 Google launches new video conferencing app for 250 people for free

Offices and other institutions from schools, colleges closed in the current Corona weather situation. And even though all these institutions are closed, desperate efforts are being made to move the work forward. That is why the online path is being chosen. Online studies are going on all over the world, how many more online meetings. Whether it's an online study or a meeting, you need a secure video conferencing app. And to meet that demand, Google has come up with a great app that allows up to 250 people to join a video conference together.

We have already known the name of a popular app Zoom for video conferencing. But there are several security flaws in using this app. That is why the Indian government advises to refrain from using this app. Then the search for such an equivalent app continues. Finally, this fancy initiative of Google to bring relief to the common people.
Google's new video conferencing app is called 'Google Meet'. This app is available on Google Play Store. Speaking of the app, the first thing to know is that this app has been in the Google Play Store since March 9, 2016. However, Google has redesigned the app according to the needs of the current situation. And they have launched it from 1st May. Users do not have to spend any money to use this app. Millions of people have already started using the app.
How to use the Google Meet app?
The Google Meet app can be easily accessed from a laptop or desktop or smartphone. To access from the computer users need to go to https://meet.google.com/ web portal And to use from a smartphone, you need to download this app from the Google Play Store.
There is no need to create a new account after downloading the app or going to that link. You can login from your email id.
Then click on 'New Meeting' option to start video calling. And those you send the link to that meeting will be able to join effortlessly. In addition, if someone else has already started the meeting, you can join the meeting through the link that he will send you.
You can send the link of the meeting to your acquaintances through WhatsApp, email or any other means.
Some of the special benefits of this app
Since this one is powered by Google, it is many times more advanced in terms of security than any other app.
The biggest advantage of this app is that you can easily show the screen of your computer or smartphone to the people in the meeting through 'Present Screen'. You will find this option in the menu during the meeting.

There is no problem in creating a new account to use this app.

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