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Want to know which country your favorite app is from?

 Want to know which country your favorite app is from?

Chinese aggression in Ladakh, which in no way can be accepted by millions of Indians. They became enraged when the Chinese policy of aggression came to the notice of the Indians. In unison, ordinary people from the country's celebrities called for a boycott of Chinese products. And the easiest way to get rid of these Chinese products is to remove the Chinese apps on the smartphone. That's why the number of users of the already popular social media app TickTock has dropped several times in India. The use of other popular Chinese apps is also decreasing.

But here a question arises in the general public, the question is how to know which country has an app on the smartphone? To solve this problem easily, a company called 'One Touch applabs' in Jaipur, India came up with a new app called 'Remove China Apps' on May 18. So that the Chinese apps were easily recognizable. But Google removed the app from their Play Store on Tuesday night.
However, 'Remove China Apps' was the only app that could identify Chinese apps. Now the question is how to know which app is in which country?
There is a very easy way to identify the country of any app on your smartphone. If you follow the method, you can easily recognize which country this app is from.

To find out which country any app belongs to, you have to type in Google 'app name then origin country with a space'. Then a search will immediately show which country you want to know about the app.

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