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The USB-C portable monitor you can take anywhere

Hey, I'm Vlad with TheVerge here at CES 2019 at LG Display's booth,which is where all the cool concept displays are happeningand this is the latest one. They call it the Neo Art Portable Monitor. (soft techno music) The fun thing about it, is it's powered by justa single USB-C port. So, we've got two examples of them, and they're both powered byone tiny little MacBook Pro. It's both sending the signaland the power to them. So obviously, they'reextremely power efficient, it's extremely spaceefficient, they're very thin. LG Display's showing themoff with a dock down here, and we've got this walldock sort of situation. And the whole idea is thatyou're saving a whole bunch of space when they're over here so you can decorate your desk. When you want to move them around, you just pick them up of the dock.

You're saving so much money. I mean, how many rooms doyou have in your house? If you have five rooms, you don't need fivemonitors, you just need one. This is the ASMR of myportion of the video. So, very gently I'm going to pick it up. (monitor taps table) That was as gentle as I could do. Okay, so the otherdisplay still keeps going, connected to the MacBook Pro. This one switches off,there's a little dot in the center of the display to tell me where the USB-C port is. This is the biggest tabletthat I've ever held in my life. It is very much like a tablet. There is practically nothingdistinguishable about this. It's a 27-inch slab ofdisplay that has two buttons here and a power button, aUSB-C port and that's it. I mean, the whole purpose of this thing is to be as simple as possibleand as light as possible. And it really is, it's not feather light, you know you have a display in your hands. But neither is it particularly heavy. The only issue, theonly way that maybe this can be improved upon, is some sort of magical fingerprint resistance.

Because, if you actuallytry and carry this around without being extremely gentleand holding it like a baby, it's going to be a fingerprint mess. But, aside from that, Imean, this is really cool. Somebody really needs to make this into an actual device or display. And now, I'm going to tryand line that with the dock. Pop it back down, and it shouldautomatically turn back on. And it does. Now, in terms of spec's, these aren't the most impressive displays. You know, these are full HDresolution, 1920 by 1080, which isn't going to blow anybody away. And they're also LCD's, butthe colors, the contrasts, the view angles are reallyreally good actually. So, I don't see much of a compromise. So, the final thing thatis suddenly cool about this technology is how simplifiedand streamlined it is. We already have monitorswho accept USB-C input, but they also have a wholebunch of cables around the back. You know, they still have a power cable, they still have otherinputs and connectivity. This is just super super basic.

The whole idea is, it's a display. You jack a cable into itand it gets both power and video signal in thereand that's the difference. I'm not aware of any other monitor that gets everything from a single cable, and as far as the future goes, this is what we're looking for. It's not pure wirelessness, because we're neverreally going to get that. But, when you do need awire, it can be simple, it can be standardized suchas USB-C and Thunderbolt, and it can make for all thisextra space on your desktop. Just that first lookat LG Display's Neo Art Portable Monitor Display. This is the first onethat I'm aware of that takes both power andvideo via single cable. It's cute, it's simplified. Okay, there's no webcam,but come on, it's cool. For more coverage likethis from here at CS 2019 stay tuned to theverge.comand youtube.com/theverge. 

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